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You are invited to test our “state of the art” bespoke software for free. This is guaranteed to help change the way you manage all your resources in one place.

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Search Engine Optimisation!

If your website or web application is not optimised for search engines using relevant keywords, metadata  and other relevant parameters. Your online real estate will be like a property in the middle of nowhere and unknown to anyone especially your customers and planned “reach”

Talk to us today about optimising your website or web app for search and let us increase and improve your reach to the online world.

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Website Design and Development!

A website gives you visibility 24/7/365. Whatever you do: be it a small business, a blog, a startup or an e commerce shop. A website will help you spread your voice to a waiting world. Your website works for you while you are busy doing your own thing.

As an agency, we design simplistic, maximum value, pretty-on-the-eye websites that wont break the bank. We involve features that will engage your end users and keep them coming back for more.

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Bespoke Softwares!

The Church Manager applications software is just one of may softwares our partners has developed over time. Because of “exclusive agreements with clients” we are unable to showcase a list of softwares developed by us.

Software development and deployment is a specialty of ours and we take your requirements and needs seriously. Our workflow is customer centered and we constantly work with you in the know.

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Digital Analytics!

What you cannot define, you definitely cannot measure. Digital analytics includes all quantitative and qualitative data required by every business owner, web applications or websites to measure achievements, traffic and set goal milestones.

Your digital analytics account can be customised to alert you when an event or milestone has reached its set target.

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Designing and building a website isn’t complete without an adequately thought out content. We build all our websites using WordPress. Wordpress allows unlimited content management capabilities from any location as long as you have login rights.

This usually requires minimum web designing skills and gives you the freedom of “drag and drop”

Talk to us today about a well managed website with quality and relevant content

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Turnkey Development Projects

If all you have is an idea – Now that is a good start. At WebAwesome designs, we can take your project from the conceptual stage to potentially shippable features or products that can meet your business goals and objectives. Together we define your strategy and long-term goals and design the technology to get you there