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Definition of terms and words used above

* Hosting: Hosting stores all of the pages of your website and makes them available to computers connected to the Internet

* Shared Web Hosting: One web server providing hosting to multiple websites (very suitable for small to medium websites and a means to reduce cost)

* Domain Name: Domain names are used in URLs to identify particular website pages examples include domain@domain.com, domain.co.uk, domain.co.uk etc

* Ecommerce: A website that allows users to buy products and services

* Job Board: A Website that allows you to advertise job opportunities:

* Portfolio: A website that highlights the services that you provide

* Marketplace: A website that connects Sellers and Buyers through the Internet eg Amazon, eBay, 

* Other: Please call to discuss your needs and requirements

* A Responsive design website automatically resizes to the users’ screen size and is viewable on phones and tablets

* No Imagery: Provide your own imagery

* Small Pack: Image pack suitable for small businesses